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Chair Cover Rent: $1.90 each / Minimum order 49

Chair Cover Buy: $7.45 each Includes sash

Melbourne Chair Covers Telephone: 0468 308 823


  1. Prices quoted for rental, ( $2.25 price including set up), are for 24 hour hire only within the Melbourne Metropolitan Area. For clients in Country Victoria or Inter State, the price is $2.25 but this does NOT include set up or delivery. Functions that require set up and are outside Melbourne Metropolitan Area are subject to a negotiated rate.

  2. To secure booking a deposit of $50 is required.

    Full payment together with final numbers are required 72 hours prior to delivery/set up. Subject to any express arrangements to contrary.

  3. Delivery costs are complimentary within Melbourne Metro provided minimum order conditions are fulfilled. In other cases delivery and collection charges are at a variable cost dependent on the delivery address.

  4. All orders are carefully checked when packed. It is the Hirer's responsibility to check the goods upon delivery and immediately notify Melbourne Chair Covers of any discrepancies or defects. Complaints made after use and return of the goods will not be considered.

  5. The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the correct use and care of Melbourne Chair Covers' goods. Once goods are despatched from Melbourne Chair Covers they are no longer covered by Melbourne Chair Covers' Insurance and therefore any loss or damage is to be paid for by the Hirer at full replacement cost. A schedule of these costs is attached below.
    Correct use and care : normal spillages of liquids eg wine is acceptable, similarly food crumbs.  Standing on linen, using it to mop up liquiids, using it in external environments where grass / earth staining is a result is NOT.  This will incur excess cleaning charges up to replacement value. Similarly burn holes from candles/tobacco products will result in our products being replaced and thus charged to full replacement value.  As a guide please treat our products as you would your own.  We launder all products but our margins do not allow us to launder in excess of normal procedures, if that is the case we will charge accordingly.
  6. Any specialty goods, notably organza/satin products may not have open
    candles used with them.
  7. Chair cover prices include Melbourne Chair Covers fitting them, within the immediate Melbourne Metro Area. Pack downs at the end of functions are by prior arrangement and incur a minimum charge of $50.00 for the first hour,$25.00 per hour thereafter. In addition there is a collection charge outside of normal office hours of $25.00

  8. Prices may be subject to change.

  9. All goods for hire/rental remain the property of Melbourne Chair Covers.


Linen/Polyester chair covers $15.00
Lycra chair covers $40.00
Lycra bands $8.00
Sash bands $10.00
Tassel $5.00
330cm round cloths $50.00
153/90 table cloths $35.00
120/54 table cloths $50.00
90/90 table cloths $35.00
54/54 table cloths $50.00
Table runners $10.00
Napkins $5.00
Tableskirts $100.00
Laundry bags $15.00
Hangers $2.50
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