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Chair Cover Rent: $1.90 each / Minimum order 49

Chair Cover Buy: $7.45 each Includes sash

Melbourne Chair Covers Telephone: 0468 308 823

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so low?

We are a large supplier thus we benefit from economies of scale. We are happy to pass those on to our clients.

How do your products compare to others in the market?

Superior, uniquely we manufacture,launder and press our own products thus we control the quality at all stages.

How can we be sure about paying a competitive price?

We guarantee our price is lower than anyone else's. If you find any genuine lower price for the same item elsewhere we will better it,guaranteed. Forward an authentic quote as evidence.

Complimentary Delivery and Pick up?

Yes, it's included in our price for a minimum order of 49 chair covers within the Melbourne Metro Area.

How can we view the products?

You are welcome to visit our temporary showroom or we can forward samples to you by mail. ( We only request you pay postage and provide a fully refundable deposit ). The deposit can be applied towards your balance.

We live in the country/interstate, is there enough time to get the covers returned without incurring an extra rental charge?

Absolutely, we can courier the chair covers to you or someone can pick them up. We allow up to 8 days hire at no extra charge in order to assist clients in the country/interstate. NOTE all food and debris must be removed from the linen  and it should be completely dry before placed in the box as it will mould/mildew and ruin the linen. In which case we shall be obliged to charge you replacement cost of the stock.

Do you charge extra for courier services?

No, we charge you what they charge us. Unlike other suppliers, we have no administration fee.

Do you provide advice?

Yes, it's complimentary and obligation free.

Please note all food MUST be removed from the linen before returning to us. All linen must be dry before shipping. If not it will turn to mould/mildew and ruin the linen. We absolutely do not wish to charge you for replacement linen but will be left with no other choice. Our margins are simply the lowest in the market, please help us to continue like that.

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